Scoot® Sessions accelerate customer-informed, actionable business decisions


Compresses a full qual approach through rapid recruit, rolling smaller sessions, with in-person or online flexibility to deliver results in a week.


Front & backroom moderators, real time synthesis of learning and immediate debrief all-in-one-day – to ensure effective use of everyone’s time.


Merge consumer learning with client expertise in real time, to crystallize insights into actions and produce shared output report within 24 hours.


Deeper understanding of perceptions, attitudes, experiences and behaviors to provide insights that inform smarter business decisions.

Scoot Sessions are the most efficient, collaborative and effective way to integrate deep qualitative feedback into your decision making. Live customer conversations, real-time analysis, and immediate merging of customer insight with stakeholder expertise delivers shared and actionable insights faster.

Scoot News

Dual Moderation: Twice as Good

Originally published in the Focus Vision’s Researchers’ Voice Blog. Quick question: Which is more important – the front room moderator (FRM), working with the participants, or the backroom moderator (BRM), working with the stakeholders? Answer: Both! These professionals are equally vital to a successful project, particularly when time is of...

B2B Recruiting Strategies

This fall, Scoot Insights’ Project Manager Jenny Brandt participated in a qualitative online discussion on B2B recruiting. This “research on research” initiative was led by Fiona Ray, chair of QRCA’s B2B Special Interest Group and hosted by HatchTank. Jenny was invited to join the discussion based on her broad...

Scoot Insights left CRC 2017 flying high

Congratulations to the Insights Association for designing a truly memorable conference – it was definitely worth Scooting to Chicago for the many moments that made this a great experience. It turns out Dan Heath, best selling author of The Power of Moments  was right when he shared his 4...

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Katrina Noelle

Katrina rides a 2008 Vespa to and from San Francisco Scoot Sessions. She is also the President of KNow Research, a full service qualitative consultancy specializing in the retail, fashion, cosmetic, and financial service industries. Katrina enjoys the personal connection and depth of feedback that comes from traditional in-person research methodologies and the breadth of these connections online research methods afford. She has been combining methodologies and approaches from both the in-person and online worlds to create custom research design for over 13 years.

Jenny Brandt

Jenny honed her project management pit crew skills in the entertainment industry, helping TV and film clients cross the finish line on time and under budget. She has also designed and overseen research projects in categories such as entertainment, CPG, retail and technology.  Pairing her deep interest in consumer behavior with a solid track record in operations, scheduling and logistics, Jenny keeps our engines running smoothly.

Janet Standen

Janet rides a 2005 Vino all over San Francisco. She directs herself as JS Strategic Insights, and is Director of Consumer Insights for Instant insights Lab in San Francisco. Her route to customer insights was via a background in strategic marketing. She was a partner in her own brand development consultancy based in London, held a senior client-side European innovation role, and was Marketing Director in a brand Identity consultancy before moving to the US more than 15 years ago. Since then she has focused on bringing customer insights to a wide range of companies across diverse categories. Janet has a passion for identifying business opportunities using both in-person and online qualitative methodologies.


San Francisco, CA