ESOMAR NA Bootcamp & QRCA Annual Conference

ESOMAR NA Bootcamp & QRCA Annual Conference

Scoot Insights had the benefit of attending two insights industry events; ESOMAR NA Bootcamp & the QRCA Annual Conference. In both, we scooted through inspiring conversations and presentations.

The ESOMAR Bootcamp in Seattle underlined the importance of the pre and post research gathering stages. We agree, the work we do in the ‘garage’ is fundamental to scooting efficiently and effectively!

  • What Do Your Clients Want?; Clarifying internal and external stakeholders’ business issues, needs and priorities – and as the speaker put it “nailing” the business issues – identified a key component of Scoot Sessions; understanding the core objectives and how they impact the organization so we can inspire shared understanding, identify competitively distinctive insights and suggest customer-driven actions for our client organizations.
  • Then Research Narrative‘s workshop Wake Me Up When The Data Is Over; Storytelling techniques for research reminded us of the importance of presenting insights in a compelling, engaging way to further instill the findings within the organization’s collective memory. We took notes to include some new storytelling techniques in our Scoot Sessions’ interactive debrief workshop.

The QRCA Conference in LA meanwhile, had a strong theme of “The Power of Perspective” and all the different approaches to really “listening,” something we don’t just try to excel at ourselves at Scoot Insights, but also working with the stakeholder team to truly listen to each individual participant, to capture the nuggets so that when we discuss and build upon them as a team, we can really unearth the big “Aha’s” that can help organizations stand make the right decisions to stand apart from competitors.

  • We learned the importance of preparing for interviews from Teen Press, of ALL the communication signals so important in police work AND empathy from homeless outreach experts.
  • As always, as qualitative researchers we love to dig that little bit deeper, observe more closely, listen more carefully and interpret with a perspective of turning insights into actionable directions – that’s how Scooting helps client teams choose the right route forward.

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