B2B Recruiting Strategies

B2B Recruiting Strategies

This fall, Scoot Insights’ Project Manager Jenny Brandt participated in a qualitative online discussion on B2B recruiting. This “research on research” initiative was led by Fiona Ray, chair of QRCA’s B2B Special Interest Group and hosted by HatchTank.

Jenny was invited to join the discussion based on her broad background in working with traditional recruiters as well as her ability to solve complex recruiting issues with a tailored, out-of-the-box approach.

The online community included a variety of recruiters and researchers who shared their experiences with day-to-day recruiting challenges and best practices. While most leaned on traditional recruiters and recruiting methods to an extent, almost all spoke of a hybrid approach including LinkedIn outreach, connections with trade/professional groups and leveraging of technology such as Respondent.io.

Much of the discussion focused on client relationships including the importance of managing clients’ expectations in terms of what is possible within a given budget and gaining clients’ involvement in helping to procure warm leads. Even when neither of these are possible, Jenny is adept at leading the Scoot team into a productive client/researcher partnership that is creative, nimble and aligned with our clients’ goals.

Key findings from the online study will be presented at the B2B SIG meeting at the 2018 QRCA Conference in January!

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