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Incite Brand Marketing Summit – Top 11 Takeaways

Scoot Insights attended the Incite Brand Marketing Summit last week in our hometown of San Francisco. It was reassuring to hear again and again across the two days, that listening to your customer to get deeper customer understanding is still at the heart of good Marketing, particularly when it comes to repositioning brands and developing strong […]

Client Listening Opportunities at Etail West

Scoot Insights was happy to support Backcountry’s presentation at Etail West last week, where they announced their private label brand, coming in March. We facilitated the consumer conversations that aided in the design and launch of the brand and were honored to see them take the stage to tell the story! By doing so, we […]

Dual Moderation: Twice as Good

Originally published in the Focus Vision’s Researchers’ Voice Blog. Quick question: Which is more important – the front room moderator (FRM), working with the participants, or the backroom moderator (BRM), working with the stakeholders? Answer: Both! These professionals are equally vital to a successful project, particularly when time is of the essence. When running a synchronous […]

B2B Recruiting Strategies

This fall, Scoot Insights’ Project Manager Jenny Brandt participated in a qualitative online discussion on B2B recruiting. This “research on research” initiative was led by Fiona Ray, chair of QRCA’s B2B Special Interest Group and hosted by HatchTank. Jenny was invited to join the discussion based on her broad background in working with traditional recruiters […]

Scoot Insights left CRC 2017 flying high

Congratulations to the Insights Association for designing a truly memorable conference – it was definitely worth Scooting to Chicago for the many moments that made this a great experience. It turns out Dan Heath, best selling author of The Power of Moments  was right when he shared his 4 types of moments that can lead […]

Disruptive (and Enlightening) Decision Summit

Scoot Insights attended a packed day of presentations challenging the insights status quo including machine learning, artificial intelligence, improved technology tools and behavior tracking techniques. These advances can be intimidating for people-based businesses centered on hearing the customer, analyzing feedback and informing businesses as a result. However, the theme of the day was enlightening rather […]

Your Customer or Your Team?

Who’s More Important? If you focus only on your customer’s perspective, then the learning can be unrealistic and “pie in the sky.”   It’s super important to know what their perspective is – their reaction to new product features/benefits, their view of your website, or even their opinions about your digital communication – it helps your […]

Qual be Nimble, Qual be Quick

Scoot Insights had the privilege to sit on a panel with, Dub and Feelr on “Qual be Nimble, Qual be Quick” at the Insights Association’s Inaugural NEXT event: Advancing Insights Through Innovation & Research this week. We discussed the business imperative to provide strategic agile qualitative solutions and best practices on how to do so. As […]

10 Best Practices To Fast Track Your Qual

We at Scoot Insights answer core business questions efficiently and effectively with agile, iterative, collaborative, qualitative research. We’d like to share 10 of our Best Practices that allow teams to conduct agile qualitative research without compromising depth or quality of insights. #1 Set Goals Collaboratively based on One Core Objective To propel research forward in an […]

ESOMAR NA Bootcamp & QRCA Annual Conference

Scoot Insights had the benefit of attending two insights industry events; ESOMAR NA Bootcamp & the QRCA Annual Conference. In both, we scooted through inspiring conversations and presentations. The ESOMAR Bootcamp in Seattle underlined the importance of the pre and post research gathering stages. We agree, the work we do in the ‘garage’ is fundamental to scooting efficiently and […]