Client Listening Opportunities at Etail West

Client Listening Opportunities at Etail West

Scoot Insights was happy to support Backcountry’s presentation at Etail West last week, where they announced their private label brand, coming in March. We facilitated the consumer conversations that aided in the design and launch of the brand and were honored to see them take the stage to tell the story! By doing so, we also had the opportunity to hear numerous other presentations and panel discussions at the event that gave us incredible insights into our ecommerce and retail clients’ priorities and perspectives.

We made note of three key tools that marketers are exploring because they see them as the future of customer interaction: web push, progressive mobile apps and voice search. Researchers supporting the ecommerce space need to have a plan in place to investigate and assess these forms of communication!

While at the event, we sat in on a number of sessions in the CX track that focused mainly on user testing, UX and UI.

  • We were delighted to hear that most brands are thinking of the customer experience as a comprehensive category and from proactive etailers who are spending more time with consumer and taking an end-to-end approaching using data to examine the entire experience and customer journey.
  • This all-inclusive approach is changing the terms they use for their industry as well; “The “omni” is going to drop off of “omni channel,” since its all just retail now.” Critico
  • There was a concentration on things each brand can do to understand their customer better any move them into multiple categories and sub-brands while understanding that there are limitations; “You can’t out-Amazon Amazon.” Ebay

Our homework from the event is to read up on web push, progressive mobile apps and voice search and create a Scoot approach to understanding those mechanisms.  We will also continue to help our clients understand their customers in an all-inclusive way to help move them onwards and upwards throughout the brand’s products and services.

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