Disruptive (and Enlightening) Decision Summit

Disruptive (and Enlightening) Decision Summit

Scoot Insights attended a packed day of presentations challenging the insights status quo including machine learning, artificial intelligence, improved technology tools and behavior tracking techniques.

These advances can be intimidating for people-based businesses centered on hearing the customer, analyzing feedback and informing businesses as a result. However, the theme of the day was enlightening rather than intimidating. We learned that clients use these tools to hone in on more precise research objectives. They can more easily find trends, identify behaviors worth exploring and prioritize their objectives accordingly. They then turn to in-house researchers or external agencies with more precise briefs to uncover the why’s behind these technology-based findings.


  • Juniper Networks shared their approach to take advantage of big data by harnessing it in an Insights Community to set their clients up for success
  • Swirl produces data-driven Consumer Journeys for their clients to tell stories with data and humanize the data along the way
  • Slalom Consulting consults their clients on “customer obsessed disruption” and shared the following Forrester chart showing that “disruptive results” are customer-led, insights-driven, fast and connected

In addition to talk of disruption, we also heard a great new definition of “agile” research: to rapidly determine what’s working and what’s not working and how to change as a result. That’s the “agile” we embrace at Scoot Insights; quick, actionable customer-led insights based on listening and inspiring change. We were happy to be in the company of so much inspiring change in the industry at the Disruptive Decision Summit and look forward to next year.


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