Qual be Nimble, Qual be Quick

Qual be Nimble, Qual be Quick

Scoot Insights had the privilege to sit on a panel with Discuss.io, Dub and Feelr on “Qual be Nimble, Qual be Quick” at the Insights Association’s Inaugural NEXT event: Advancing Insights Through Innovation & Research this week. We discussed the business imperative to provide strategic agile qualitative solutions and best practices on how to do so.

As we have noticed in industry events across the board this year, agility and speed were themes of the event as a whole. Our other favorite was Beyond Curious’s fascinating case study on taking the plunge into iterative qualitative to guide Sonos to a customer-centric in-store retail experience. As they said, agility is not always an easy choice; it sets both the agency and the client up for an intense experience! But that experience pays back in the form of engaged teams making decisions rooted in customer experience.

The other call to action from the speakers at the NEXT event was getting the insights function greater presence, influence, recognition at the C-level. Presenters challenged research clients and suppliers to think in terms of solutions backed up by knowledge of the category/industry/brand.

Traditionally, we researchers may think of ourselves as impartial data collectors and insights providers. It’s invigorating however to turn the mental tables and start thinking of ourselves and inspirers and problem solvers. We at Scoot Insights drive actionable business decisions by working intimately with our client partners; bringing their expertise into the room alongside qualitative learnings to stay focused on the business outcome and the solution/decision on the table.

We are looking forward to more events this year from the Insights Association and seeing how we as an industry rise to the challenge of moving from data delivery to problem solving.

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