Qualtrics. LIVE! San Francisco

Qualtrics. LIVE! San Francisco

Qualtrics LIVE! came with force to San Francisco to share their wares. While we are committed Quallies at Scoot Insights, we have constant respect for quantitative methods and endeavor to stay on top of the quantitative world to understand our client’s full range of research options.

It was an event full of hospitality, great story telling from Kylan Lundeen, (Qualtrics Head of Marketing,) some speedily delivered, educational breakout sessions and of course, some thought provoking stats! In attendance were more PhDs and youthful enthusiasm in one place than is common, that’s for sure!

Key Take-aways:

  • Stable Careers are out – fulfilling careers are in for Millennials! In fact, 50% of them in the year 2020 will believe that job-hopping is critical to career acceleration. That percentage will jump to 75% in 2025.
  • Product and Price will be less important in the future – CX (Customer Experience) will be a whole lot more important by 2020. So you’d better understand every aspect of what your customers feel, think and do when connecting in any way with your brand, product or service, and how this might matter to your business. This is where qualitative approaches come into their own!
  • Scoot Insights shared a table with three extremely bright young researchers who were quick on the draw to access the pre-lunch mini-survey about Qualtrics, and so quick to work as a team to source the answers we needed from the palms of their hands, that our table won the fun red Qualtrics’ Scooters for being first to submit the 100% accurate answers. Scoot Insight’s Janet Standen’s claim to fame? She remembered the company dog was called Barnaby from a presentation she had from Qualtrics 3 years ago!

Thanks Qualtrics for scooting into our hometown!

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