Scooting at the Corporate Researchers Conference

Scooting at the Corporate Researchers Conference

Scoot Insights enjoyed the 2016 MRA CRC in our hometown of San Francisco last week. As researchers passionate about the power of qualitative in helping businesses and brands be more successful, we were excited to hear key themes at the conference that directly support our Scoot Sessions accelerated approach.

The importance of qualitative research enabling companies to become and stay truly customer-centric came through loud and clear, along with:

– The benefits of incorporating active listening
– The need to involve clients in the design of the research AND during the research
– The desire for faster approaches to support urgent decision making
– Actionable insights that consider financial implications/ROI
– Identifying and prioritizing key insights as a whole team
– The power of “qualitative color” to help tell the story, complementing “quantitative black & white numbers”

Scoot Insights proudly support our clients in their quest to achieve all of these things. We enjoyed spending time with our corporate research colleagues at the conference, and had a great time supporting the North West MRA’s after party at The Tip on Tuesday night!

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