Secret to Customer Experience Success at Incite Summit West

Secret to Customer Experience Success at Incite Summit West

Scoot Insights scooted over to Incite Summit West to see hear the latest thinking from today’s top Marketers. We were excited to hear that one speaker after another, still believes in putting your customer at the heart of designing your future business success.

Putting the customer at the heart of identifying the optimum way forward, is well, to put it simply, an incredibly valuable insight – and this enduring principle is being followed by some of the most successful customer experience-driven brands out there.

Speakers agreed that client teams must listen and learn from customer stakeholders at an individual level, ladder up to a compelling universal mission and message, then execute so that every individual customer experience, at every touchpoint. This will let their customer know you are talking personally to them and meeting their individual needs.

Janet now plans to make a trip to LensCrafters to experience their personalized customer connection, and to Athleta because to be recognized for my unique, un-model-like body (think Dove re-imagined). She might even take up golf to experience TaylorMade’s customer experience uniquely tailored just for her!

We both love all these smart marketers, especially the freedom and possibilities that Square has delivered for every single one of their unique small business customers.  As a small business, we at Scoot Insights use our Scoot Sessions to give our clients the freedom and possibilities of getting deep customer understanding, fast!

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