The qualitative engine to accelerate effective directions


We help decision-makers choose the right direction.

We tap into the people that need to be heard to explore the landscape, unearth the insights, determine the right direction and map out the best way to get there. Bringing different perspectives together enables collaborative team energy to course through the entire process.

A combination of ownership, insights, engagement and combined expertise lead us on a journey that culminates in strong, actionable decisions.

A Scoot® Sprint is at the core of the Scoot Insights approach.



Expertise and Experience Deliver Effective Decisions

Scoot Sprints tackle the challenges facing decision-makers, merging audience learning with stakeholder knowledge and expertise to ensure actionable directions are the outcome.

Scoot Sprints are applied to understanding a range of diverse challenges such as employee happiness, concept/message testing, design development, brand positioning and survey design.

When big data or survey results throw up unanswered or new questions, a Scoot Sprint provides the answers to fill in the knowledge gaps efficiently and effectively.

Two Scooters run each Sprint, moderating sessions and facilitating the interactive debrief workshop with the key stakeholders. Design, recruitment, fieldwork, interactive debrief, analysis and actionable reporting all happen in 3-weeks.


Consumer / Customer Insight Sprints merge audience learnings with stakeholder knowledge and expertise in real time. The core stakeholder team identify insights and agree on actionable directions together based on viewing customer research sessions and participating in an interactive debrief workshop.

Employee Insight Sprints are ideal when time and budgets are too tight to afford recruitment and incentives to reach core target audiences. Instead, tap into your team! Employees who are not directly involved with the project can be leveraged as participants to facilitate stakeholder learnings.

Employee Experience Sprints leverage small interactive group sessions with employees. Participants meet off-site and anonymously and provide feedback to complement Employee Engagement or Satisfaction surveys, providing greater depth of understanding on key indicators or gaps in knowledge.


We believe ownership and commitment come through involvement.
So, ours is a committed, collaborative approach.

We believe listening is not enough. Deeper understanding comes through bringing different perspectives together to create new conversations and new connections.
So, ours is an interactive approach.

We believe insights are only valuable if they provide direction that is actionable.
So, we keep the destination in mind throughout the process.

We believe insights are born through human interaction.
So, ours is a qualitative approach.


Scooting Together Since 2015

Katrina Noelle


katrina at scootinsights dot com

Katrina rides a 2012 Vespa to and from San Francisco Scoot Sprints. Katrina enjoys the personal connection and depth of feedback that comes from traditional in-person research methodologies as well as the breadth of connections digital insights methods afford. She has created custom research design since 2003 with an eye towards actionable insights and clear directions for clients primarily in the retail and financial service industries. She is also the President of KNow Research, a full-service qualitative consultancy and recipient of the Insights Association Laureate distinction.


janet at scootinsights dot com

Janet rides a 2005 Vino all over San Francisco. Her route to customer insights was via a background in brand strategy and innovation. She was a partner in her own brand positioning and product development consultancy based in London, held a senior client-side European innovation role, and was Marketing Director in a brand Identity and corporate culture consultancy before moving to the US nearly 20 years ago. Since then she has focused on bringing human insights to a wide range of companies across diverse categories to inform better business decisions. Janet has a passion for improving internally and externally focused business performance using both in-person and online qualitative methodologies and has been recognized by the QRCA with the President’s Award.

Janet Standen